The One Where We Say 'Hello'

Written By Josh Lindsey - January 14 2016

Let's just get right down to it. I'm not a writer. Never have been, and probably never will be. But marketing said "We need a blog", and so here I am. Now lets figure out what I can talk about here today. It's important to start with introductions and answer all those pesky, nagging questions that you, the reader, might have, and maybe even tackle some current events. Let's begin.

A Little Bit About Drops

Drops Of Vapor, like I'm sure you've read on our About Us page is an online vape store. We carry a respectable collection of eLiquids, Tanks, MODS, Disposables and Accessories. What makes us stand out from the rest is our approach to this whole concept of selling online. In essence there are two types of stores. The vape store that carries one brand and one brand only, and the distributor that carries many. We fall into the distributor category, but with some one brand direct to consumer characteristics. The main difference is we do not carry every brand under the sun, and the reason for this is simple. We test and stand by every product and brand we sell as if they were our own. With that said, you will never see a product in our store that we would not buy ourselves and use.

Why does that matter to you, the consumer?

You can buy with confidence, that the search for a quality product that you will love stops here. Everything we sell is covered by our own warranty. If a tank or a mod breaks way before the expected lifespan, we will replace it. If you get a liquid, and you don't quite like the taste of it, we will replace it. Why do we do this? Because we want to be the last vape store you go to.

Customer Benefits

Here at Drops of Vapor we offer more than just vaporizers, ecigarettes and liquids. We offer you a chance to get something for each and every purchase. Not quite ready to spend your hard earned money? We respect that, and we offer other non-monetary ways to get rewarded. Our rewards program lets you earn points for virtually everything you do. You can earn points for registering an account with us, referring a friend, making a purchase, tweet about us, follow us on Facebook, or even read this blog post. We have had a few customers that got their first purchase without spending a single penny, and I think thats an amazing opportunity for everyone. Oh and did I mention the Free Shipping on orders over $50? Yeah, the list goes on.

Enough About Us

Momma always taught me that modesty is a virtue, so lets move on. The topic I wanted to talk about, is the evolving world of ecigarettes and how its changing. In particular I wanted to touch on this story, and give some of our opinions on it. For those who are not familiar with it, this USA Today article talks about the bill that Congress finally approved requiring childproof packaging on ecigarettes and eliquids. And let's just say, it's about time! This has been an problem which honestly confused myself and many other here at Drops of Vapor, its common sense. Nicotine, the same substance that's in cigarettes should be kept away from children in every way possible. Eliquid bottles in particular should have been handled ages ago, specifically because of the aromatic nature of the liquid itself. They smell pretty darn good. Especially the fruity and candy flavors, and it doesn't take an elected official or a genius to see how a child could confuse the bottle of dangerous nicotine laced eLiquid with juice or a new kind of candy. Steps should be taken to prevent this from happening and it's about time. We saw the same thing years ago in the tobacco industry with Cigarillos in particular, when the government finally cracked down on marketing and naming of certain flavors as kid friendly. So from all of us here at Drops of Vapor, thank you Congress, for taking this big step in the right direction and keeping eLiquids out of the reach of children.


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