Jak E-cigs Review - Great Deal or Too Good To Be True?

Written By Josh Lindsey - January 14 2016

I'm a big fan of Cherry eJuice flavors. So I make a point of trying every Cherry blend product we get through our doors. Jak was no exception. As soon as I took my first puff, I was sold. The flavor is kind of hard to convey into words; it's not exactly sweet, but its not quite tart either. It's something genuinely in between. There are strong notes of that familiar rich cherry sweetness that you would usually find on the store shelves in your local grocer. You know those golden-redish cherries that only seem to be perfectly ripe for a week or so; yeah, those heavenly things. But thats not all, there's also a strong hint of the tartness from the traditional reds. Honestly, I was hooked quickly and still go back to my trusty jak Cherry disposable every once in a while. 

jak ecig review Fruit Flavor Collection Image

Cherry blends are not all that Jak has to offer, however. The Apple, Grape and Vanilla flavors are just as rich and just as addicting as the Cherry. Apple, in particular, is a fantastic blend, with just the perfect amount of apple flavor that keeps you coming back. The grape is quite a powerhouse of flavor as most would expect, but it doesn't tire you out. The only flavor I personally wasn't a huge fan of was the vanilla. Not being a huge fan of vanillas to begin with definitely had something to do with it, and by no means is the flavor bad. It's just not for me. Other's who have tried the Vanilla claim its fantastic and tends to start off weak and build on every puff.

jak ecig menthol and tobacco blends review

Traditional tobacco and menthol lovers, don't fuss just yet. The Tobacco and Menthol flavors that Jak makes are some of the best I have tried. If you're looking for something close to the cigarettes you left behind or still trying to ditch, this is it. The tobacco is strong and convincing, while the menthol is a bold and refreshing experience. You can compare these guys to the more expensive V2 and blu sticks with no hesitations. Chances are you'll like these even more than the aforementioned expensive marketing machines.

Fantastic flavors and a really consistent, positive experience make this a go-to disposable for anyone looking for a simple no-hassle vape.

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September 17 2018

Claims it’s equivalent to 4 packs of cigarettes.
Most I’ve ever smoked is half a pack in a day (10 cigarettes).
There’s no way I smoked 4 packs of cigarettes this evening
(over the course of 5 or 6 hours).

But it was good while it lasted though.

August 13 2018

First time user of Jak I do like it very much I bought a juul device however the refills are quite pricey.So this is a nice alternative 👍

February 20 2018

2 seperate purchases of disposable 16mg grape ecig. Total puffs of first 2 before battery died, 2nd gave me 5 puffs. There is a quality control issue. This company has no customer service (never return calls) and seems not to care about their customers experience with a malfunctioning product. AVOID THIS PRODUCT as the company doesn’t take customers issues seriously. 7 calls and messages, no call back. Corporate America showing its best.

Larry Smith
November 22 2017

Really like the Jak ecig but very inconsistent, you’ll get one that is great and fulfills your wants or needs and is great but it might take buying five more refill packs before you get another. Not sure why this is but it’s making me think to switch to another brand.

July 26 2017

I like the product very much Unfortunately they have the worst customer service I’ve ever seen in my life. They never answer the phone they never returned phone calls they don’t respond to emails. I had a battery that malfunction and I was told they would send me a replacement. Twice they sent me the incorrect one and I sent them a picture of the one I need and still sent me the wrong one then I placed a $40 order for cartridges and on my order they said they would send me a battery and I received nothing. The craziest thing is I placed a $40 order just to get them to respond to me and still impossible to get a hold of them. It makes me not want to order anything cuz if anything goes bad it’s impossible to get ahold of anyone

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