Mad Hatter Juice, I Love Cookies and I Love Donuts Review

Written By Josh Lindsey - January 28 2016

I have to be honest here, I LOVE this juice. So bare with me, and I promise I will make this review as unbiased as possible. For a company that only makes two flavors of juice, it's really quite remarkable how well known and popular they are. I guess you can credit a lot of the Mad Hatter Juice success to the popularity of vanilla flavored juices that keep hitting the market, and the fact that juice companies are finally getting the hang of their sweet, candied flavors. It shouldn't come as a surprise then, when a juice comes along that capitalizes on these flavors and delivers a nearly flawless experience, takes the world by storm. Sweet yet curiously fruity, with hints of milk and cream; that's probably the best way to describe both of these unique flavors.

Mad Hatter Juice I Love Cookies Review by Drops of Vapor

Let's get started with the donuts; more specifically, I Love Donuts. This flavor is interesting because it combines the fruity and tart flavors of blueberries with the sweet candy taste of a glazed donut. This perfect blend of tart and sweet makes a sort of balance that you experience with every single puff of your vaporizer. For this review, I went for a 0mg mix, to ensure I experience the full flavor profiles that sometimes get clouded with nicotine. The juice is a 60/40 VG/PG mix, making it not quite as runny as some juices out there, but not quite thick enough to burn. You should be safe vaping this e-liquid at any temperature you're used to and not worry about any burn. Personally, I prefer the 60/40 juices because they tend to deliver the best combination of flavor and clouds, with virtually no drawbacks.

Mad Hatter Juice I Love Cookies Review by Drops of Vapor

Now on to the I Love Cookies Juice. As I'm sure you can tell by the flavor name itself, this is a going to be another pastry flavored blend. The Cookies e-liquid is a fantastic combination of vanilla and milky flavors working in tandem with strawberry and caramel, to bring forth a unique and unforgettable result. Every time you take a puff, you can almost feel like you just put a freshly baked strawberry, caramel drizzle cookie in your mouth, which I think is delicious. When all is said and done, this flavor delivers on everything it promises and then some. It brings the cookie taste you would expect and takes it to the next level by adding that warm, homely, fresh milk taste to every pull. Combine that with the ideal 60/40 blend, this is certainly a must try juice.

A fresh and deliciously sweet take on two american classics. Mad Hatter Juice, really knocks it out of the park with their bold and daring Cookies and their familiar yet surprising Donuts flavors. The only question I have now is, what's next?

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