Simply Natural Review - Simple Flavors with Seriously Delicious Results

Written By Josh Lindsey - February 05 2016

Here we go again. Another week, another review from me and Drops of Vapor. This week, I finally get to Simply Natural. The juice that promises plenty with it's name alone. Today, I think it's my job to get to the bottom of it and let you know if this brand delivers. Before we dive into the individual flavor breakdowns, and the real meat of this review, let's handle some first impressions. Looking at the bottle itself, I get a sense of care that went into each and every one of these blends. With a lineup that's currently limited to 6 simple, fruity flavors, you have to admit that expectations are high. With the current trend of mixing and blending flavors to get new and sometimes strange results, it's refreshing to see a brand of e-liquid sticking to its roots. The lineup is small, but delicious and very fulfilling. The flavors are simple in their delivery, but rich with flavor and aromas.

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For this review, I tested 2 flavors. My go-to blueberry and the Apple, which I must confess, many people have been raving about. The blueberry juice was fairly thick, and from what the manufacturer tells me, they have been experimenting with using higher VG content recently. The batch I reviewed is the readily available commercial blend we stock today, but they have a high VG option that they will be releasing soon. The first thing you notice when you twist off the cap is the strong, fresh scent of blueberries. Pouring the juice in my Aspire tank, I noticed that it was clear with a smooth consistency that quickly filled the tank. The first few puffs where a bit underwhelming, until the flavor hit me. By about puff five I was engulfed in flavor and aroma. Sweet, sweet blueberries where everywhere. With almost no Kick to speak off, I have to say I was a but lost in the flavor. It really took me back to the days of smoking Hookah, and kicking back. Overall, the Blueberry is a fantastic flavor, with a simple and satisfying finish.

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Here we go, the Apple. With so many different varieties readily available on the market, I was very excited to give this guy a try. The aroma is mild comapred to the Blueberry, but it's there and pairs very well with the e-juice itself. The Apple flavor was smooth and, like the Blueberry, with virtually no Nicotine kick. One thing I noticed is that the flavor had a habit of lingering on the tongue after each puff. Now, sometimes this could be considered a bad thing from a juice, but with Simply Natural Apple its more of a perk. I couldn't get enough of the sweet and crisp apple that was packed into every drop.

A simple yet delciously satisfying line of premium e-juice. The liquids deliver on everything that they promise, with crisp and clear flavors, and a satisfying easy smoke. If you are looking for a liquid with little to no Nicotine kick, this is it. From me, personally, it's a perfect 10. Check out more information about the e-juice line on their website.

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