Cuttwood Reimagined Series E-Liquid Review – A New Standard of What an E-Juice Should Be

Written By Josh Lindsey - August 18 2016

Just in time to beat the August 9th deadline, Cuttwood finally released some new juice for everyone to fight over, and what can I say; it was worth the wait. This limited line is a reimagining of their entire formula, that until now was filled with mixes and blends of different flavors and ingredients. Appropriately named the Cuttwood Reimagined Series E-Liquid, this line offers three simple, yet surprisingly delicious and very capable flavors, that are comfortable standing on their own. Outrage Orange takes a deliciously citrusy, sweet and slightly tart flavor and keeps it that way. No infusions or shots of cream to make a smoothie, just the star of the show, Orange. Livid Lime follows suit and packs a juicy, sour and yet slightly sweet lime in a bottle without sacrificing any flavor or aroma. Manic Mint delivers a pure peppermint flavor that frankly, I didn’t even realize I’ve been craving until giving it a try. Soft and menthol, this is a great juicy that leaves your mouth cool and refreshed. All three flavors deliver on their promises and far surpass what my expectations of Cuttwood have been in the past.

Cuttwood Reimagined Series Review by Drops of Vapor Outrage Orange e-Liquid

Let’s start this off with the flavor I’ve been most excited to try since I first got my hands on the Reimagined Series line, Outrage Orange. Right off the bat this flavor is aromatic and sweet, reminding me more of a glass of orange juice than I initially expected. Once you start vaping however, the citrusy and slightly sour flavors begin to come out completely changing my initial perception. This e-liquid is like a Trojan horse, hiding the delicious orange tones I was looking for, behind the almost commercial like first aromas. The surprising thing I found while vaping this particular juice, is that the flavor does not get boring. I guess it has a lot to do with the slight sourness that hits at the end of every puff, that keeps the flavor fresh. For something that you would expect to be almost overly simple and one dimensional, Outrage Orange manages to keep me hooked well into the overall experience. This is just a great example that you don’t necessarily need complex blends and flavor mixes to achieve a fantastic flavor; you just need to focus on the basics, the quality and consistency. This is something that Cuttwood does very well, and it shows in the Reimagined Series. Overall the flavor is very consistent throughout the whole vaping experience, with great clouds in this 70/30 mix.

Cuttwood Reimagined Series e-Liquid Review by Drops of Vapor Image Livid Lime e-Liquid

Moving on to the Livid Lime, the first thing you smell is pretty unmistakable, fresh cut limes. This was by far the best smelling Cuttwood juice I’ve used in the past, with strong lime notes hitting you immediately. Vaping this juice was a very similar experience to the Outrage Orange, with strong citrus flavors, but a much stronger and sour taste. One of my favorite things that I noticed is the slightly sweet aftertaste that hits you at the end of every puff, almost helping to clear your palette and make the next inhale even better. A fantastic flavor that focuses on making the Lime shine and ensuring you only get the best possible taste, minus the seeds.

Last but not least is Manic Mint, the flavor I was initially apprehensive about simply because I’m not big on strong minty flavors or even strong mints in general. In the end, this turned out to be one of my favorite flavors from the series. Manic Mint does something that I personally haven’t experienced before, delivering a mint flavor that doesn’t hit too hard and doesn’t feel too minty. As with the other two juices in the series, this flavor has a bit of sweetness that hits at the end of every puff, which works very well to calm the minty taste and subtle take you out of it. The result is a very gentle and soft juice, that depending on your vape temp can become stronger and significantly more minty.

Cuttwood Reimagined Series E-Liquid is a fresh and new take on something simple and delicious. Cuttwood achieves perfection by keeping true to the flavors roots and not distracting you by complicated mixes and unnecessary creams. The resulting flavors are perfectly balanced, aromatic and unmatched by anyone else on the market right now.

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