NKD 100 Salt e-Liquid Review - Nicotine Salt For The Masses

Written By Josh Lindsey - November 14 2017

Nkd 100 Salt is the latest brand to join the Nicotine Salt train. What NKD 100 does differently, however, is using their existing line of Naked 100 flavors and simply mixes in Nicotine Salt. What this means is that you get the same flavors of e-juice that you already love like Lava Flow but with the added benefits of Nicotine Salt. The end result is a line of mature and battle tested flavors, with a higher nicotine concetration perfectly suited for refillable pod systems.

NKD 100 Salt e-liquid for pod devices at Drops of Vapor

To get started with this review, let's take a look at the two fruit flavors, Really Berry and Lava Flow. For all the e-juices in this review, I used the Suorin Air pod system. NKD 100 Salt Really Berry is delicious. Simple as that. Before you even fill up your pod, you are hit with a strong, sweet and tasty aroma of berries. Immediately, on the first pull you get hit with a fresh mix of blueberries blackberries combining to deliver a sweet and slightly tart flavor. Before the sweetness fades, you get hit with another wave of citrus that balances the flavor and eases you out of the strong sweet berry mix. Much like the original Naked 100 flavor of the same name, this e-juice can be used all day long, without ever getting boring or tiring. Lava Flow, much like Really Berry is a sweet blend of tropical fruit. Initially, you're hit with a sweet and fruity strawberry. Before the strawberry flavor fades, it's quickly replaced with a strong, slightly sour pineapple. To finish the blend off, NKD 100 introduces a slight hint of refreshing coconut that bind the whole experience together and cleans your palette.

NKD 100 Salt Frost Bite e-juice for sale at Drops of Vapor

Moving on to the Menthol set, Frost Bite and Brain Freeze, NKD 100 continues the trend it started with the fantastic berry flavors. Brain Freeze starts off in a similar way as Lava Flow, with a strong strawberry flavor and aroma. The strawberry flavor quickly switches to a tart and sour kiwi that takes over the flavor in your mouth. Once the sourness from the kiwi settles a bit, the Pomegranate moves to the forefront, to subtly ease you out of the flavor blend into a slight sweetness that tends to linger for quite a while. Throughout the entire experience, you feel the subtle menthol flavor that never overpowers the main stars of the show. Frost Bite uses a honeydew and cantaloupe mix to deliver a sweet and mouthwatering flavor mixed in with a strong and refreshing menthol blend. It uses a pineapple as a sort of binder to give the flavor depth, that you simply would not have with the two melons alone. American Patriots is the tobacco blend in the NKD 100 Salt line, that delivers a strong and smooth tobacco flavor. There is a bit of subtle spice and nuttiness in every pull, that tends to add a little to the whole experience.

NKD 100 Salt is a fantastic addition to the evergrowing market of Nicotine Salt. With strong and mature flavors that balance strong nicotine concentrations with aromatic and flavorful berries and fruit. The tobacco and menthol blends add a fresh new spin on existing flavors with a good balance of nicotine hit and freshness.

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NKD 100 Salt American Patriots e-Liquid
NKD 100 Salt Brain Freeze e-Liquid
NKD 100 Salt Frost Bite e-Liquid
NKD 100 Salt Lava Flow e-Liquid
NKD 100 Salt Really Berry e-Liquid
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