Brand Highlights:

Mad Hatter Juice is a unique and iconic e-liquid manufacturer based in California. Their road to fame was build on top of their first delicious hit flavor, I Love Donuts, taking a new fresh spin on a tired classic. With their next iteration of their "I Love ..." line they introduced I Love Cookies, a deliciously simple yet fulfilling cookie flavor. To start off 2016, Mad Hatter Juice decided to roll out another flavor to join their legendary lineup, I Love Taffy. A masterful combination of peach and traditional candy. All in all, Mad Hatter Juice is a company that focuses on putting a new spin on traditional flavor and delivers with outstanding results, following in suit with their motto of "thick clouds without compromising the flavor".

Tasting Notes:

Mad Hatter Juice uses a combination of traditional pastry flavors and combines them with the natural sweetness and tartness of fruit. The result is a sweet and satisfying flavor that never seems to turn boring. With somewhat varied PG/VG concentrations the juices are intended for virtually any vape set up and can withstand a wide range of temperatures with no degradation. The I Love Donuts is a sweet and creamy donut flavor with strong fruit notes that serve to spice up the flavor. This keeps it a nice and fresh experience with every pull. Contrasting the flagship flavor, I Love Cookies focuses on developing the base cookie flavor by adding subtle flavor notes for toppings. The fruit and chocolate flavor serve to elevate the cookie but are not meant to become the main course in any way. I Love Taffy takes a more traditional approach and gives both flavor profiles the opportunity to shine. The balance of peach and taffy allow the flavor to develop a smooth and subtle flavor that continues to develop as you smoke. A fantastic selection of flavors and infusions.

Available Flavors:

I Love Donuts, I Love Cookies, I Love Taffy.

Additional Information:

Mad Hatter Juice e-liquid is made in the USA.